Yakima Valley Home Inspection Reports

There are many home inspectors in the Yakima area, some are new and others have been here for many years. Many of these home inspectors still use paper style lists called check sheets or check lists to produce the needed paperwork. Check sheets are usually used by inexperienced novice inspectors. It is a one sheet fits all, no matter if the home is a 1,200 sqft modular or a 3,500 sqft 2 story home with a basement. Better, more thorough inspectors can be identified by the type of report they produce. I utilize the 3-D inspection system which includes color pictures and graphics. Each report is type written which makes it easy to comprehend and allows you to further and more completely evaluate the home.

Please click on one of the links below to see an example of an HIS inspection report.

Yakima Valley Sample Home Inspection Yakima Valley Sample Home Inspection

What You'll Get

Once I’ve completed the physical inspection, I generally produce the inspection report within 12 hours. I am always available to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have. Usually the more serious items are discussed with the client while still on site. Sometimes due to time constraints or length of report it may take additional time to produce but that is rare. My detailed narrative report, which includes photos, and color coded descriptions takes the guess work out of reading an inspection report, making it easier for you to better understand the condition of the home and assist you in your purchase decision. Also, if you so desire, I am able to send the report to all concerned parties (at your request) via email.